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Letter Blankets is a financial blog. It’s the story of a young person who learns how to manage money and succeed financially while still being a happy student. The blog shares stories of money management, budgeting, and long-term savings strategies that can help you too.

Learn from this author’s experience about ways to be savvy with your finances while still having fun!

Informational posts should be short but rich in content, easy for their audience to read through, and concisely answer the question that was asked. Informational posts with high-quality photographs and illustrations will be even more effective at turning website visitors into subscribers. A blog that does this well is Project Nursery. They have a category for “Learn How,” which features in-depth information about topics such as travel, parenting, and hair care. Other informational posts include specific questions and answers from readers, such as hair styling and how to select a specific type of stroller.

A blog with great information, but no interactivity or visual aids, is a Blog That Talks. The information here is presented in a dull and dry format. There is no interactivity on the blog at all, and it’s very difficult to find something that stands out from the rest on the homepage.

Informational posts that include videos are more effective at converting website visitors into subscribers than informational posts that do not include videos.

Video content for specific informational blog posts is a great way to go if the topic is more complex and difficult to explain in writing. If you have a complex topic that you need to explain, then a video post will be the best way to do it.

The first two videos on this page are helpful, but the third one on choosing the right baby carrier is much harder to follow. The first video explains clearly what you can expect from each of those carriers, and the second video shows parents testing those carriers on their children.